The Next Generation Web Based Solution for Meeting Papers


  • Automatically transforms your meeting papers into fully interactive websites

  • Generates measureable efficiencies in the creation, collation, approval and publishing of meeting papers

  • Access papers securely anywhere, any time and on any device

  • Eliminates locking your papers into PDFs on a tablet app

  • • Highly cost effective pricing – based on papers processed, not per user

With Meetings Express your papers are:



Users can search a meeting topic across multiple meetings or click on related topics

Fully accessible

All current and past papers are easily accessible from the website. For Offline access we offer a friendly eBook option.

Mobile optimised

No more downloads or scrolling through long documents. Easy to read on any device

Highly cost effective

Preparing for meetings is 50% faster.No more chasing content through email trials, and no more printing or distribution costs.

Completely secure

Collation, editing and approval of papers all done in a secure web environment. Iron clad physical security, dual factor authentication and robust encryption comes standard.

Contextualised content

Content can be cross-linked and integrated with related reference materials such as constitutions, terms of reference or regulations.

How Meetings Express Works

Meetings Express offers significant benefits over manual processes and tablet apps

A Fast ROI

Cloud based service delivers immediate cost reduction and service improvement.

Highly Competitive Pricing

IInstead of expensive per user models (favoured by tablet apps) Meetings Express is priced on pages processed. Enables cost effective, organisation-wide usage for all minuted meetings

Ideal for Complex Organisations

Caters for multiple meeting types, (Boards, Committees, Management), and multiple levels of user permissions.

Improved Meeting Member Experience

Anyone who can navigate a website can use Meetings Express. No complex training required.

Live Information

Because Meetings Express is a website, you can receive news, company announcements and financial information in real time.

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