• Captures all your desktop-formatted information

  • Automatically converts it to HTML, and

  • Puts it online as interactive, mobile optimised web pages.

    For your customers

    No more downloads – all the information they need is in a single convenient website.

    For Your Staff

    Instant access to the most up to date information on the intranet


Documents Express delivers:

A Fast ROI

Our Cloud based service delivers immediate cost reduction and service improvement

Improved User Experience

No more PDF downloads, or searching across multiple documents

Improved Staff Productivity

Time spent searching for content is dramatically reduced

Increased Sales Conversions

All product information in a single location, making purchase decisions simpler

Lower Call Centre Costs

Customers use the web to answer questions, instead of the call centre

How Documents Express Works


Designed for non-technical users, Documents Express eliminates bottlenecks in getting information online.

The process is simple:


You simply upload your product information to the Documents Express Service


The service collates your documents, converting them to HTML


Documents are automatically segmented into web pages


Documents are enriched with cross referencing, tagging & classification


Documents Express automatically populates your CMS – at scale

We’re happy to answer all your questions. Simply fill out the form, or for immediate assistance

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