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Financial Services is a document rich industry, and one undergoing considerable disruption.

From the smallest to the largest organisation, firms are under immense pressure to deliver the perfect customer experience that takes advantage of digitisation and the impact of mobility.

Nowhere is this more important than in delivering product information and other documentation, most of which remains trapped in outdated formats that customers cannot easily read on mobile devices.

Regulatory obligations are considerable and rapidly increasing

The challenge for financial institutions is in meeting their regulatory obligations and transforming their information for a web and mobile world.

WordFlow automatically converts all your customer and internal information to mobile optimised websites – we make your information available to your audience in the format and on the device of their choosing.

Fintech – Transforming Financial Services

The Challenge

Fintech companies create technology-driven products to enhance the customer experience and engagement with financial institutions.

Fintech is challenging traditional financial services businesses everywhere. Investments in Fintech are reinventing everything from payments and money management to lending and financial planning.

But Fintech is not immune to the documentation challenges facing traditional financial services firms – ensuring regulatory compliance and providing the best customer experience demands an innovative approach to managing all your documentation.


The WordFlow Solution

AThrough our unique document- to-web conversion and enrichment products and services, we enable Fintech organisations to:
• Gather, convert and distil content from multiple systems
• Link it to related information, enrich with tagging, glossaries, tool tips and translation, and
• Present it as mobile enabled web pages.

WordFlow is disrupting the way documents are managed in the world of Fintech.


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“By 2020 regulations could reach the equivalent of three Eiffel Towers in height. Brexit and Trump are expected to only add to the total compliance headache for the banks across the globe.”

Forbes Dec 1 2016
Regtech addresses regulatory challenges in the financial services sector through innovative technology, helping financial services businesses comply with regulations as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. As the volume of financial regulation continues to.

Most Regtech firms are focussed on data analytics tools needed to comply with the regulatory bodies.

But compliance isn’t just about transaction and financial risk. Operational risk is equally important.

Mitigating Operational risk – the risk of loss resulting from failed internal processes and systems – demands a disciplined and coordinated approach to managing information flows within organisations.

In most financial institutions, compliance documentation is created in silos, presented as PDFs and stored in multiple repositories. Content is buried in documents that are not web accessible or searchable.

The result – no 360 degree view of risks to the business


The WordFlow Regtech Solution

WordFlow Regtech solutions address Operational Risk through ensuring documentation – regulations, compliance handbooks policies and procedures – is accessible right across the organisation.  WordFlow enables financial institutions to increase efficiency, lower costs and ensure compliance.

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Automatically transforms Word and PDF documents into lightweight web and mobile optimised webpages


Audit and Filter

Audit and filter repositories to extract vital information from superfluous data


Aggregate content from multiple repositories and divisional silos and standardise into web format


Cross Reference

Cross reference all policy and product documentation with related regulations and legislation


Creates and applies a standardised classification structure across all documents

Web – enable

Web enable all desktop formatted documentation and optimise for mobile

The Challenge

Annual Reports are the definitive source of information about the state of affairs of organisations. These voluminous documents are still distributed in hard copy, and since the advent of the internet, attached to websites as PDFs.

The world has gone mobile – but the Annual Report remains stuck in the last century.

Internet solutions are simply not good enough, with shareholders forced to download long PDFs that are impossible to read on a mobile device.


The WordFlow Solution

Annual Reports Express converts your Annual Report to a secure mobile optimised website. Production costs are dramatically reduced. Your shareholders, customers, analysts and other stakeholders can easily search across multiple years’ reports. No more poring over paper or downloading PDFs

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The Challenge

In every financial services organisation, there are monthly Board Meetings as well as meetings for committees (e.g.. Risk & Audit) and various sub- committees. Documentation can run to hundreds of pages per month and considerable time, effort and cost goes into collating and distributing these papers. Board members are forced to download attachments attached to emails, or scroll through long documents on a tablet.


The WordFlow Solution

WordFlow Boards Express auto-loads Board Papers and important committee papers into a secure website where every page is instantly available and cross-linked to related information.

Board members can instantly access and search information across multiple meetings, access documents remotely on a tablet and create annotations.

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The Challenge

Every financial advisory house needs to aggregate large amounts of documentation from multiple sources. But research content is created in Word, PDF and databases –formats that do not render well on the web .Investors have to download PDF documents that are barely readable on their mobile or tablet.


The WordFlow Solution

Research Express automatically converts your research reports into mobile optimised webpages. For your customers, this means they can easily read your Research report on a mobile device.

For the financial institution, Research Express enables you to compare and contrast financial information, and to produce and update a Research Report in hours instead of days, all at considerably lower cost.

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Product Disclosure Statements

Regulations require financial institutions to issue Product Disclosure Statements.

But how do you get present these in a format that your customer can easily read and understand? They are nearly all still issued as PDFs – barely readable on a mobile or tablet, and can’t be searched or linked to any related information.

Customers can’t read your PDS easily, and If they can’t read your information, they are less likely to buy your product.


The WordFlow Solution – PDS Express

PDS Express automatically converts your Product Disclosure Statements – and all related information, such as Financial Services Guide, Terms and Conditions documents and PEDs – to mobile optimised web pages.

The result?

You save costs, and your customers have instant access to product information – all in one place and with no downloads. And, when your product information is a website you can add all kinds of additional information to help your customer understand your product- and increase your revenue.

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The Challenge

Financial Services is awash with Policies and Procedures that impact every aspect of their business. These documents, critical to risk mitigation, are presented either as PDF or as bulky manuals presented in Word – desktop formats that don’t work for the web, and can’t be downloaded by a mobile workforce. Updating is a cumbersome and costly process.


The WordFlow Solution

Policies and Procedures Express automatically converts your documents to mobile optimised webpages and contextualises related material.

Updates can be distributed in minutes rather than days. All your all stakeholders always have the most up to date version.

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The Challenge

Financial services providers are required to give a Statement of Advice (SOA) to retail clients who receive personal financial advice. These documents are lengthy and presented as PDFs – they cannot be searched, indexed or read on a mobile device.

For financial planners, these documents are extremely expensive to produce, distribute and maintain to meet regulatory requirements.


The WordFlow Solution

Statement of Advice Express converts SOAs to mobile optimised web pages, enabling customers to search across multiple statements, link related information and access advice from a mobile or tablet.

Statements of Advice Express combines standard and personal information and significantly reduces financial planners’ costs in production and distribution of these critical documents.

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