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Websites everywhere are littered with PDFs. Why? Because attaching documents to web pages was the quickest way to get your content online. But the downsides of populating your website with PDF documents are many.

PDFs on your website cause nothing but damage:


Kills Search results

Search engines can’t always find content within these documents. Valuable information is never surfaced because it is buried in inaccessible formats.

Alienates Potential Customers

Even If prospects do find you, putting your information online in documents requires long downloads they can’t read. Your prospects don’t convert.

Increases Call Centre Costs

Customers who can’t answer their questions online will resort to your call centre for help – if they haven’t already gone elsewhere.

Out of date Content

Often a PDF is left on a website long past the date the content is current or relevant.

The WordFlow Solution – PDF to Web

WordFlow gets your documents online quickly, accurately and cost effectively. We are the bridge from the desktop to the web. Our Rules Engine auto-converts your documents directly from PDF to web pages.

How WordFlow PDF to Web works:



Aggregates all your PDF documents into a single location.

Enriches the content with

  • Auto generated Tags for all important terms
  • Glossaries for definitions and acronyms
  • Links to related information –pricing schedules, terms and conditions documents
  • Links to external information – regulations, legislation, maps, reference documents

Automatic Conversion

Automatically converts documents from PDF into HTML. Your PDFs become a series of web pages.

Automatic delivery

Automatically delivers the content into your Content Management System. WordFlow connects to all popular CMS platforms, including

Eliminate Pdfs From Your Website And Transform The User Experience


Search friendly

Your content can now be found easily- it is no longer locked in an electronic box – a PDF

Mobile optimised

All web pages are instantly mobile optimised.

No more downloads

Your customers never have to download a long document they can’t read.

One Click to Everything

All related information is automatically linked and instantly accessible.

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