Imagine if your customers could easily read a Product Disclosure Statement on their mobile device?

Imagine if you could produce and update a PDS in minutes instead of days?

Introducing PDS Express.



  • Automatically converts Product Disclosure Statements to mobile optimised web pages.

  • Aggregates all relevant documents– PED, FSG etc into a single website

  • Significantly reduces the cost of producing and updating PDS documents

  • Fully compliant with all regulations

With PDS Express, your customer experience is transformed and your conversion rates increased.

Your Customer Benefits.



Easily read the PDS on the device of their choice.

No more PDF downloads.

Reduced searching as related documents are auto-linked.

Logical website navigation ensures all required information is in the same place.

Works in the customer’s language of choice .

Your Financial Institution Benefits.



Auto publish PDS libraries directly from Word to Web. Eliminate cumbersome manual Word-PDF-Web methods.

Re-use content across multiple PDS documents.

Publish updated PDS in minutes.

Increase sales conversion rates.

Auto translate into over 50 languages.

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