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Conversion of your documents to HTML is just the beginning. At WordFlow, we go much further with our document enrichment facilities – to maximise the value of your information.


Enrichment adds significant value to your information by linking it to related content, classifying with tags, providing glossaries and tool tips, as well as automatic translation. Your information becomes richer and much more valuable to your internal users and external customers.

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WordFlow Enrichment Services


Internal Linking

Converting Word links into HTML links mapping the connection between the source and its destination.

Automatic Page Tagging

Auto-building 10 classification tags per page based on frequency of word usage.


Tag Search

Identifying every page where a certain tag is present.

Glossary and Mouse over facility

Building an online definition of key terms. Dynamically presenting Glossary meaning with a mouse over.

Auto-link related information

Auto-linking content – e.g. Policies to related Procedures, Product information, etc.

Dynamic Tool Tips

Adding instructions to a web page to help users follow the right steps.


Auto-translates web pages into any of 30 languages in real time

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