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Today, most organisations have their corporate knowledge in pre-web, desktop formats – largely Word and PDF.


These formats don’t work on the web or on mobile devices, creating a disconnect between information supply and demand.


Word Flow’s Document Conversion services solve this disconnect – we are the bridge from the desktop to web and mobile formats.


Our powerful Rules Engine automates the conversion and transformation of desktop formatted content into HTML, and delivers it directly into your CMS, at scale.


For any organisation with large volumes of content you need to make web and mobile friendly, the WordFlow Document Conversion service converts your documents quickly, accurately and at much lower cost than manual methods.


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WordFlow Document Conversion

From Any Format or Source

WordFlow converts content from any format Word, PDF, Database, Pre- digital and Websites.

We Convert and Enrich

We automatically convert your content to web format and link it to all related material – all information is one click away.

To Any Destination Website

We deliver content to the destination platform and device of your choice. Our  library of system connectors includes all leading CMS Platforms. Building a new connector only takes a few weeks.

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