Web Content Migration

Building a new website and selecting a new CMS is an exciting time. But when organisations update their CMS platform, too often the migration of content is an afterthought.

Often, the assumption is the CMS provider will also migrate your content. But CMS providers don’t offer migration tools. Manual migration takes weeks and often months.

And yet your new website is like a house without furniture until you move the content in. That’s where WordFlow comes in.

The WordFlow Web Content Migration Service

Our cloud-based service quickly and cost effectively migrates your content to new web and mobile friendly CMS platform.
We are platform agnostic – we connect to all major CMS platforms including SharePoint, Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal and Adobe. And if we don’t have a connector to your new platform, building one takes only a matter of weeks.

We’re Fast and Accurate

We spider the original site, identify the location of content to be migrated and auto-map it to the corresponding location in the destination site.

We’re Low Tech

The easy user interface means non-technical people can migrate content without needing IT support. You don’t need to tie up expensive resources to get your content into your site.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Our Rules Engine automates migration of content only – and leaves behind the aspects of your old website that you don’t need.

These are some of the platforms we work with.

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