is about uncovering how your organisation creates, stores, collaborates and presents information


WordFlow Information Discovery will uncover:

  • How your organisation creates, stores and presents information today
  • How efficiently information flows from your organisation to your customers
  • What platforms are effectively utilised and which are not
  • How accessible your information is for customers and staff
  • How practices may be putting capture of corporate knowledge at risk
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is creating the optimum information flow – to your customers and your staff


WordFlow Design will deliver:

  • End to end mapping of the optimum information journey – for your customers and your staff
  • An Information Classification Framework – enabling standardised classification of your information assets
  • Storage Platform recommendations – enabling rationalisation of storage options
  • Unified Search – enabling faster retrieval across multiple repositories
  • Full Web and Desktop integration – enabling mobile optimisation of all your information
  • Mobile enablement – your information should flow through to any device
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is the ability to collect selected content from multiple repositories


WordFlow Aggregation enables you to:

  • Collect nuggets of wanted information from multiple systems – not the information you don’t want

  • Deliver these to a single website

  • Eliminate any downloads from this process

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Conversion and Enrichment

is the key to delivering lightweight mobile friendly documents to your mobile audience


WordFlow Conversion and Enrichment optimises your information assets through:

  • Converting information from desktop to web format – this eliminates PDF downloads
  • Enriching information – with tagging, glossaries, and contextuality
  • Automatically linking to related material
  • Ensuring any related web based asset is not more than one click away
  • Filtering content for different audiences
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is the outputting of information to the platform of your choice


WordFlow Delivery ensures your information:

  • Is delivered in a mobile optimised format
  • Is delivered to the platform of your choice – we are platform agnostic and output to any CMS
  • Is securely archived in your document management system
  • Is accessible in low bandwidth areas and on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Is instantly accessible without the need to download
  • Can be re-used or re-purposed for related projects
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Measure and Improve

recognises the dynamic nature of information liquidity


WordFlow ensures that your information remains liquid and valuable. We:

  • Establish benchmark metrics for tracking usability
  • Agree information liquidity improvement targets
  • Regularly measure and report on progress
  • Design better processes and practices to continuously improve information flow
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